Managing Complexity: Best Practices for Software Development Project Managers

DrupalCamp Spain 2023 - Sevilla, Spain

Software development projects are inherently complex, requiring management skills to balance competing priorities such as deadlines, quality, and stakeholder expectations. To be successful, managers must be able to navigate these challenges while keeping their teams motivated and focused on project goals. In this session, we explore and discuss strategies for managing the top challenges that managers face in software development projects. Video: Slides: Managing Project Scope What is included in the project. [Read More]

BDD: Behaviour Driven Development

Drupal Camp Spain 2017 - Madrid, Spain

BDD: Behaviour Driven Development
This session emphasize the importance of BDD (Behavior Driven Development) as a project manager. It highlights the necessity of testing and involving the client in the development process. It explains the difference between specifications and features and the significance of focusing on business interests rather than just technical aspects. It also presents the importance of communication within the development team and offer insights into the testing process, recommending testing before development in an incremental manner. [Read More]